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I invented a cool new instrument for this score.  You can hear it underpinning this menu track, snaking its reedy way underneath and between the contra-bass men's choir.
War is a horrific and evil enterprise by any measure.  In this march, the innocent foot soldiers shuffle dutifully off to likely oblivion, war horns sounding in the distance.
A haunting violin solo offers honored lament for the fallen.  The instrument master draws from the violin strings a noble song of fealty, sacrifice, and sorrow.
Hearty voices in choral octaves sing their support for Magnus, the free people's commander and king.  The ochestra lends support and then takes center stage in the reprise.

All music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

From the video game WARHAMMER: CHAOSBANE.

All Worldwide Rights Reserved.

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