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Gritty low brass (cimbassos & bass trombones) announce the arrival of something big and scary.  Then the chase begins!  Up the ravine, down the river, across the jungle, with fear and danger in hot pursuit.
A romantic theme?  Not exactly.  A portrait of a woman in peril?  Not that either.  More like a reflection of inner and outer beauty, revealing feminine power to charm and captivate.  With a hint of sorrow and redemption yet to come.
How to create a theme that tells the tragic tale of this gently savage beast?  The orchestra rises to a crescendo, anticipating... Suddenly dissonance and despair in a jaggedly descending melody, answered with a rising return over shifting foundations.
Pulled out all the stops for Kong's climactic battle.  This version of Kong's theme features stabbing trumpets, epic horns, massive choir, and a constantly churning orchestra.  Yes, this was fun to record.  :)

All music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

From the video game release of PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG.

All Worldwide Rights Reserved.