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A fiddle introduces the theme, as the melody moves on hooks of appoggiatura, so prevalent in Old English music.  It frames Rohan in the Northwestern European tradition, tying it tightly to Tolkien's Anglo-Saxon source material. 
Oh Lothlorien!  Magical wonder of light, life, and ageless beauty.  Stronghold of Galadriel, fairest of the Elven queens.  With harps, voice, flutes, and viols we tell your tale.
Brilliant and twisted, ruthless and patient, conniving and seductive - such is the dark lord of Mordor.  His minions sing as it were wicked praise in the Black Speech.  Choir and orchestra carry the tune.
Sad and strong are the men of Gondor.  Dark days they have seen.  Yet there remains nobility and strength in their blood.  Carried on horns and violins, this is their theme.

All music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

From THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE, published by Daybreak.

All Worldwide Rights Reserved.

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