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The men's choir sounded fine, just not mythical.  It wasn't until the singers began to sway back and forth, lumbering in place on the sound stage, that Durin's folk finally found their voice in this song.
Plenty of resolve in the low men's voices, as this track begins.  But it's not until the women join the chorus, and then finally the trumpets, that the full thrill of epic stakes are revealed amidst shadow and flame.
Dear, sweet Hobbits!  With frolic, work, and wandering they inhabit the lush greens of the Shire.  The instruments featured in this track are pulled straight from the old Professor's writings.  
Pomp and circumstance, but in the Gondorian way.  Scoring this scene was a dream fulfilled, bringing to full circle the first theme cycle I composed at the outset of my LOTRO road nearly 20 years ago.

All music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

From THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE, published by Daybreak.

All Worldwide Rights Reserved.

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