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If I ever take an intergalactic trip across space and time, I want to be accompanied by this particular cello section.  Oh, how those musicians brought this simple line to glorious life!
Feel the fire in the rattling resonance of the horns' performance.  The swirling flutes and piccolo add to the energy.  Broad strings carry the mission forward. It is such a thrill to record with an experienced and passionate orchestra!
There is a purity to the sound of the flutes' performance in this recording that lifts the imagination skyward.  Time churns forward, galaxies come and go.  Love, light, and music remain.
I envisioned a theme for a gentle genius, a romantic, scientific, galactic globetrotter.  Weaving in and out of time and place, learning and loving all along the way.

All music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

From the film TALES OF A TIME TRAVELER, featuring David Tennant

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