Composer for Film, Video Games & Television

"You were such an excellent guest speaker!  They loved you!"

- Dr. Matthew Thompson, Faculty

"The Tinkertoy analogy was very cool and a great way to visualize what we've been discussing in class.""

- "I got to speak to the composer of my favorite game... today was a good day!"

- "What a great guest lecturer!"
"Chance was charismatic, enthusiastic, organized, and caring... he's very clearly a natural teacher and leader."

- Dr. Greg McCandless, Faculty

"I am a Full Sail student and just attended your presentation... Your drive and relentless attitude are truly an inspiration."

Alex Covert, Student

"WOW!!~ your entire presentation resonated incredibly with where I'm at in my career!  It truly was a 'Socrates Moment'.....!!!!!"

- Mark Krurnowski, Composer

"The students are still a buzz over all you brought to us with your visit.  You made a great impact!"


Dr. Mark Parker, Dean


"Thrilled from such an outstanding weekend.  It was invigorating, unique, significant and  inspiring... Your Master classes were stellar.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talent with us." 


Or Kribos, Composition Student



"Thank you for sharing your experiences and teaching me the right way to approach industry people. It's funny but they don’t really teach you that at school."  


Dorian Almaguer, Composition Student



"I still remember when you visited BYU. Your visit and talk about video games really got me.  I think you inspire a lot of young composers!" 


Jeff Broadbent, Video Game Composer (Planetside 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon)



"We are so grateful for bringing your wisdom, humor, and great spirit to inspire our students. The students got so much out of your visit, and their feedback to me about your visit has been incredible." 
Michael Sweet, Professor of Composition


Chance Thomas speaks at universities, colleges and professional conferences on the art, craft, tech and business of music scoring.  His keynotes, guest lectures and workshops have proven to be inspiring and instructive for a broad diversity of audiences, all across the United States.  

“Excellent presentation.”

“Chance’s passion, enthusiasm and expertise are very inspiring!“ 

“Gave me valuable insight into the physiological, social and business aspects of the industry.”
“Chance’s passion, enthusiasm and expertise are very inspiring!“ “Gave me valuable insight into the physiological,
social and business aspects of the industry.” “Excellent presentation.”
“Chance’s passion, enthusiasm and expertise are very inspiring!“ “Gave me valuable insight into the physiological,
social and business aspects of the industry.” “Excellent presentation.”


“It was immediately apparent to all that he was a truly seasoned master.” 

“He drew everyone into the discussion regardless of their level.”

“A fantastic, inspirational evening!”


"One of the best and most informative presentations ever."


"Thank you so much for the presentation, it has been the best one."


"Most engaged I have ever been with a guest composer!"


“Easily the best talk I've heard thus far at UT.”


"Helped push me to explore different areas in my music."

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"This was the best panel of the year. Chance Thomas not only proved himself to be an amazing public speaker, controlling the pace of the session and driving audience participation, but he is also somebody who really cares about helping the next generation of composers get on their feet."  
Jayson Napolitano, Editor, OSV
"Big kudos to Chance Thomas for delivering the number one rated lecture at GDC. Chance set the bar high!"
Kara Foley, GDC Operations Manager

"Chance Thomas gave a great keynote - equal parts optimism and well grounded reality. His stories and delivery punctuated the need to believe in what you're doing, then back it up with good solid craft. He is precisely the kind of guy you want at the top of the industry giving a keynote. He was the perfect choice for GameSoundCon."


Michael Johnson, Composer